Lead Generation and development is a challenge in many new business projects. At Chrysalis Communications we start from base level, and generate lists and data from scratch when needed. As a key component of any consultation we first identify your ideal client. This will specify exactly the type of organisation you wish to work with, their size, location, and crucially the key stakeholders and decision makers you need to reach.


While most list brokers, direct mail, and telesales agencies, use data immediately available to all- we work from original lists sourced from scratch using deep search strategies, and social media verification. We combine numerous search strategies and results from several lead generation platforms to identify the right contact and the best way to reach them. Depending on the size of the project we can use automation systems in the cloud, or even treat your lead generation as a big data project. Effectively we clean and generate data simultaneously.

We also generate leads from existing data. We audit existing databases and lists for quality. This practice reinvigorates old campaign data, identifying opportunities missed by your sales team, and rekindling lapsed relationships.

A key factor in our success is our ability to both capture and store data. This ensures that all activity with Chrysalis Communications becomes a foundation for future campaigns, and no leads or contacts will be lost. We can then catalogue this data in the system of your choice- and work with confidence with a range of CRM solutions. We will then segment data so that either you or we can continue to make best use of it- be that through telesales, email marketing, direct mail, or field sales engagement. We can develop a range of email marketing solutions for your business- including lead capture and marketing direct from your website.

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